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Within this little nook of the internet, I hope to publish poetry and fun articles about writing, books and science (although education, films and other diverse topics may also crop up now and then). I’d also love to hear from you, and hope you’ll enjoy your stay and perhaps return someday.

If you want to request an article or post (you’re most welcome to!), you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • Long-listed to be published in the Westbury Faery anthology.
  • Won a spot in the LGBTQ+ anthology, Sun-kissed, with the short story, Teen Programme, on Wattpad.
  • Won 1st Place in Earnesty Community’s #7 Weekly Poetry Awards with the poem, Siblings Reunion, on Wattpad.
  • Asked questions, made mistakes and improved.
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About Me

When I wrote my first story, Titanic, for a family member, I probably didn’t realise I’d found my passion. Enjoying the freedom of imagination, I had kids make friends with Caspian from Narnia and let them jump off the Titanic as it sank – naturally with the help of zorbing balls and umbrellas like Mary Poppin‘s (except without the talking parrot on the handle).

It was several years before I became serious about writing, although by the time I wrote the second story (also for a family member), I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be an author someday. I wanted to write and eventually get published – and the dream has persisted.

I’m now working on my three-year debut novel. Dreamy Reality centres around a paraplegic 15-year-old having to overcome her distrust of others when she’s ripped away from her family. The story is a cocktail of dystopia, romance and mystery – with a lot of imagination.

Since I started writing on Inkitt and Wattpad, the plot line has evolved a lot. Now I’m looking to finish my book within a year or two – and post new articles for you. You can expect writing articles, extras for Dreamy Reality (some juicy background stories are just waiting to be revealed), travel accounts and book reviews.

If you need advice, want to hear my opinion on something or perhaps even request a certain article or bookish extra, you’re welcome to ask me via the contact hotline (which is anonymous, although the name of your wordpress account or email address will help me respond more easily).

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A Few Facts About Me:

  • My favourite quote is:

“Difficult Journeys Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations.”

  • I like most genres, especially enjoying fantasy, classics and dystopia. However, an author’s writing style is the main thing I’ll look for in a book I’m considering buying.
  • I’m very particular about grammar. (If you’re looking for editing services, you can find them on my page on Wattpad.)
  • My goal for Dreamy Reality is to spread hope by the end of the story, even when things get dark.
  • I believe the best way to learn is to ask, make mistakes and be kind to yourself.

Welcome to my page, and thank you for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy reading the articles, book reviews or extras. And if you have a problem, if you need help – please reach out! Not only can you contact me anonymously on the Contact Hotline section, but also via other social media platforms (as seen below).

Instagram: @hadley.swiss

Wattpad: @Hadley_Swiss

Inkitt: @Hadley_Swiss

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Dreamy Reality

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Cover by @evatheartsy on Wattpad

In a futuristic society founded by climate activists, several 15-year-olds are picked every year to live in luxury – but Marlene knows better than to believe the adverts dotted around town. Once the teenagers are picked, they’re never seen again. When Marlene is chosen and taken to the so-called City of Dreams, her fate is no longer in her own hands. Ripped away from her family, the last people she has faith in, she must struggle to find a way out – before it’s too late.

The City of Dreams, Stelmoore, celebrates New Year’s Eve on the 13th August every year – on the same day she wakes up in one of its houses. An announcement follows the festivities: and this year, it’s more dramatic than usual. Stelmoore’s citizens have wished to settle down for years, tired of adapting to the city’s annual changes – but they didn’t know the Government’s solution would be arranged marriages.

With only half a year left before marriage plans are formed, Marlene is determined to find a way out on her own. She has three options.


Dreamy Reality handles the themes trust, freedom, courage, friendship and love in a dystopian mystery with a tinge of romance. She can stay. She can earn a ticket out by facing her greatest fear – and losing herself. Or she can join the secret club hidden in a friend’s basement.


Working cover by me

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