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When I wrote my first story, Titanic, for a family member, I probably didn’t realise I’d found my passion. I was simply writing and having fun with my imagination, having kids make friends with Caspian from Narnia and letting them jump off the Titanic as it sank – naturally with the help of zorbing balls and umbrellas like Mary Poppin‘s (except without the talking parrot on the handle.)

It was several years before I became serious about writing, although by the time I wrote the second story (also for a family member), I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be an author someday. I wanted to get published – and the dream has persisted.

I’m now working on my two-year debut novel. Although slightly disguised, the plot-line centres around overcoming distrust, whilst mixing in elements of dystopia, romance and mystery.

At the same time, I’m discovering new techniques and facts about the world – for example about dreams and colours. I believe that things often happen for a reason – no matter what that might be – and thus, my favourite quote has to be –

“Difficult Journeys Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations.”

I also believe everyone has a voice, and that each and every person is their own kind of beautiful. I want to give hope and love to the world – because what we have is beautiful, if only we can find the beauty.

Welcome to my page, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy reading the articles, book reviews or satires. And if you have a problem, if you need help – please reach out! You can contact me anonymously on the Contact Hotline section, or via other social media platforms (as seen below).

Instagram: @hadley.swiss

Wattpad: @Hadley_Swiss

Inkitt: @Hadley_Swiss

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